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Fresno resident Bren Flowers, 48, was fighting breast cancer for the second time in six years. Bren received news in 2013 that she was terminal. As a true cancer warrior, Bren testified at a California Legislative hearing about the need for affordable Chemotherapy and she was selected to be featured in a documentary about the impact this experience has on women battling Cancer.

Bren added, “I was going through the most aggressive chemo treatment imaginable. It was like the chemo experience you see in the movies. Experiencing this dream photo shoot made such a difference in how I felt. I can't explain how good it felt to see myself as a beautiful woman again. What a gift to me and my family.”

On Wednesday January 29th 2014, thanks to the generosity of Steve Bisla, The Standard Restaurant & Lounge and LinkUs, the supporters of The Face of Cancer gathered for the premiere of two special videos.

The first video told the story of Bren and her experience with the Face of Cancer program. The second is a spectacular video of Bren’s Face of Cancer Photo shoot. The Face of Cancer also produced a third video that is a special private message from Bren to her family. This video was not shown.

This special moment would not have happened without the generosity of those who participated in this event. Those who deserve special thanks are:

  • Steve Bisla, The Standard Restaurant and Lounge
  • LinkUs
  • Madeleine's Bridal Boutique
  • Michael Blunt, Michael Blunt Salon, Bistro and Boutique
  • Durand Carter, Award winning makeup designer
  • Photography by Mark Medina
  • Photography by Jerry Duncan
  • Video by KP Phagnasay
  • Introduction Video by Stellar Lense Productions, Inc.

On May 24th, 2014, our beautiful sister Bren lost her battle against cancer. This special Face of Cancer video remains as a lasting testimony to her true beauty. 

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