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Preview of The Shannan Ajluni Story.

The remarkable story of of a brave woman battling stage 4 terminal cancer while caring for her son, who also has stage 4 terminal cancer.

Shannan was born April 12, 1977 to Elizabeth and Robert Taft. She led a typical life of a military child until her family had their first run with cancer. Her dad passed away months after being diagnosed with Leukemia in 1984, she was only 7 years old.

Her mother, sister, and she moved to Squaw Valley, Ca soon after where Shannan grew up on a farm, learning nature and where food comes from. She went to school in Visalia, focusing on music. Shannon can play 13 instruments.

She graduated Mt. Whitney High School in 1995, and immediately enrolled in College of the Sequoias, majoring in music education.

Shannan met her soul mate, David, in 2006. They married in October of 2006.

Their joy of raising their family suffered a major blow in December of 2011 when their youngest son, Oliver was diagnosed with a rare, incurable cancer called Histiocytosis.

Shannan became his full-time caregiver, leaving her career behind. In August of 2014, Oliver went into stable remission and their family dared to breathe a relaxed breath.

But just three months later cancer struck again, Shannan was diagnosed with Stage 3B Invasive Ductal Carcinoma- breast cancer. She fought it hard with chemo, multiple surgeries, and radiation. After over a year of fighting, in January 2016, Shannan’s cancer was in remission.

But sadly, in March of 2016 their son Oliver cancer came back. This time, the cancer is in his central nervous system and there will not be another remission for him. He is now considered to be terminal.

But Shannan’s fight was not over either. In May of 2018, shortly after having breast reconstruction surgery, she noticed a tiny little infection on one of her incisions. A trip to the hospital to make sure the infection wasn’t deep revealed something much more horrifying than a mere infection. Shannan's cancer was back, with a vengeance. Invading approximately 60% of her bones, her cancer is now Stage 4, incurable, terminal.

With a positive attituded and a strong determination to live each day to the fullest, Shannan, David, and their children rejoice in the little things that make them happy... all the while valiantly fighting the monster that has invaded their lives, but not allowing cancer to destroy them.